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Climate Data

With the broad coverage of CRU data which is alleged to be be falsified, KnowYourPlanet took the opportunity to download and analyse the data. This is what we found. (Please note that Russia and Asia are still being loaded)

Japan Climate data from the CRU, please see further pages to the left for other countries and continents.

Below is a screenshot taken on my PC, what you see here is the Climate Research Unit (CRU) climate data (the blue line) overlaying the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) data (the red line)


DMI CRU overlay

As you can see there is an almost perfect matching of the CRU and DMI data. Unless the Danish government has been conspiring to deceive the world with false data since 1870, in collaboration with the CRU, there is clear evidence that the temperature is rising is Denmark.

In this section you will find graphs which are created using the CRU data. This is what we have done with the CRU data:

  • All data was imported, de-pivoted from text files using a Java macro built by Lismanis ltd. The CRU released an impressive 1.7 million monthly averages. The data was cleaned, issues such as the United States was written as US and United States, Russia as USSR and Russia. However, not a single numerical value was changed from our side. This type of data issues is common with large sets of data. This happens due to manual errors, typos, compatibility, data transfer, spelling and so on, most likely causing the odd error there and there. Given the size of the data-set, we do not believe that deliberate falsification would be feasible. Therefore any misrepresentations of values is assumed as mistakes and given the laws of probability and random selection, should in such a large data-set cancel itself out to close to 0.
  • Data is downloaded from
  • Monthly data was averaged to annual data by summing all 12 months up and dividing them by 12
  • We only display measurement stations where a record exists from and including year 1890 and where records exist after year 2000 - this was a total of 293 stations out of 1741  worldwide stations. Why did we choose to remove so many stations? Simply because we believe that 293 stations is enough to demonstrate the point that the data is good.
  • Another very good reason to remove stations, is because there was a trend of warmer countries beginning measurements of weather later then colder countries. This means that by including, for example African Nations where the average temperature is greather, would push the average temperature up for the rest of the world, unless of course we estimated their temperatures which is exactly what we want to avoid.
  • All data was processed in Microsoft Access 2007
  • Google Docs spreadsheet and motion path was used to render the graphics
  • Data is sometimes missing (not much as we already weeded out the poor data stations by eliminating ones which do only have data in the range1890-2000), this can happen for a number of reasons, such as first and second world war, political and organizational instability, simply loosing data and so on.

We hope you enjoy the data and take the time to look at a place near you. You now have the power to see how climate change is affecting you.


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