Professional studies, cost a fortune and there are no two ways about it. When you talk about studying in the top rated universities, a high percentage of students opt for monetary assistance. Once they get qualified and start earning, they have to give the amount back through their selected repayment plans. The conditions of assistance […]

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Here in the US, we’ve been struck by figures and images regarding the water shortage in California and the potentially permanent state of drought hitting the Southwest, but as it turns out those are comparatively small problems. Around the world, some 4 billion people, roughly two thirds of the international population, experience severe water scarcity. […]


Images of the Southwest have always included desert scapes and rugged, brush-lined hills, but while that has long been the aesthetic, these days the region is drier than ever. With record highs and record dries sweeping across the area over the past few years, meteorologists are starting to speculate about whether or not these drought […]


For many years, scientists have warned us about climate change and yet with all the technology out there only a small amount of action has taken place. The evidence of climate change is all around us, and it’s not pretty. Species are being endangered, air quality is slowly diminishing, and water levels are rising. And […]


The fact that there is still a debate on climate change is concerning. In recent years, both scientific evidence and public concern over human caused or human enhanced climate change has grown, but despite all of this, there are still some out there that deny climate change is a legitimate theory. Here are three of […]

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